Vikram(Tribikram) Mohanty
CEO & Board Director (08589551)

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Vikram, a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary leader, boasts a distinguished career marked by his unwavering commitment to technological innovation and sustainable development. As the Founding Director of a thriving tech startup, he has steered the company towards remarkable success since its inception in 2019. Under his strategic guidance, the organization has expanded its footprint with multi-operational hubs across the nation, delivering meaningful and valuable outcomes for both individuals and enterprises.


With a solid academic background and extensive experience in the aviation and defense domain, Vikram serves as a Technical Specialist, leveraging external benchmarks for techno-functional improvement. His journey from a lead engineer in the functional domain to a founding director reflects his diverse expertise in responsible research, engineering design, validation, technology intelligence, agile operations, internal assessment, and policy generation.


In his pursuit of international exposure and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, Vikram established GBS Labs®, a research and development-centric platform. The subsidiary encompasses Learning, Healthcare, Observatory, and ESG platforms, fostering connections with renowned corporates on a global scale.


Vikram’s R&D portfolio is both extensive and cutting-edge, featuring breakthroughs in biomimetics systems, mission drones, predictive diagnosis, cybernetic transportation, observatory intelligence, satellite megaconstellation, smart grid electrification, and more.


Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Vikram has earned recognition on national and global stages, participating in prestigious workshops, showcase events, and international conferences. His accolades, awarded by various national councils and global forums, underscore his courage and impactful contributions to the industry. Vikram is an integral part of multiple institutional initiatives, collaborating with eminent industry bodies such as IET, IEEE, IOD, FICCI, NASSCOM, AFAI, UN’s IFGICT, and other influential forums.


Known for his technical prowess and dedication to talent development, Vikram is passionate about making a significant impact as he continues to build and nurture a great organization. His enduring commitment extends to empowering others to launch and transform their futures.


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Vikram Mohanty
The success of a company is the result of the collective effort of its employees, and our job as founders is to create an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration.
Last Updated: November 2022